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gwen: is washington broken and if it is, who's supposed to fix it? how an indiana senator shook up the capital. what it means for democrats, republicans and for you. tonight on "washington week." >> we've got a lot of good people in congress. put they're trapped in a dysfunctional system. gwen: if congress is indeed dysfunctional, is the answer to flee? >> i will not seek a 10th term in the united states congress this november. >> my life is taking a new direction. and i will not be a candidate for re-election this year. gwen: with the white house agenda on the ropes, the president searches for the bright side. >> one year later, it is largely thanks to the recovery act a second depression is no longer a possibility. gwen: but has the opposition finally found its voice? >> the gold medal that was won last night by american lindsey vonn has been stripped. yeah, it was determined that president obama has been going downhell faster than she has. gwen: as democrats and republicans retreat to their corners, is the middle ground forever lost? covering the week, gloria borger of cnn. alex
and washington. earlier today president obama held a bipartisan health care summit with top congressional leaders in washington. the seven hour meeting designed to reach a legislative compromise comes at a critical point for the president's top domestic priority. polls show eroding support for pending reform proposals and supported waivering among democrats in congress. the partisan divide on this issue is apparent today in exchanges between lawmakers. >> we don't think all the answers lie in washington regulating all of this. so the problem with the approach we're seeing that you're offering which i do believe, senator, is very different than what we're saying, is we don't want to have to sit in washington and mandate all of these things so what you are-- is you are defining exactly what kind of health insurance people can have. you're mandating them to buy the kind of health insurance. >> people are angry. we promised them change in washington. and what we got was a process that you and i both said we would change in washington. >> let me just make this point john. because we're not campaigning
points? >>> hardball is next. >>> snow 40, washington 0. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in snowy washington. leading off tonight, frozen stiff. we have snow in washington. what is missing from this picture is a snowplow. how come the country's capital can't clear its streets? is this giant snow a metaphor for a government frozen in its tracks. funny words from ben gellis who compares republicans who threaten health care to dixiecrats of the past. >>> when john boehner told president obama he should scrap plans for key efforts like health care. the president shot back you just want to kill all these bills. will tough talk get things done? three years ago today president obama announced his candidacy. dealing with change and improving america's image around the world. how is it going to? in the "politics fix." the anti-science, anti-climate change crowd is trying to make the case that the recent snowy weather proves that global warming isn't a fact. we'll get to that in the "sideshow" where it belongs. the blizzard on the east coast. winter of our disconte
not have heard about already today. washington, d.c. enjoying the dubious distinction of its snowiest winter on record and we are not halfway through february. they will appreciate that achievement after the white stuff is long gone. one of the reasons things are tough, a quarter of the city's snowplows not functioning. talk about making a bad situation worse. in philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, not loving this. school is out, businesses are closed and still more to come. in new york the snow continues to come down, ramping up in time for the drive home this evening. the good news by tomorrow morning the sun will be shining. i am dylan ratigan. that does it for us. "hardball" is up right now. >>> snow 40, washington 0. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in snowy washington. leading off tonight, frozen stiff. we have snow in washington. what is missing from this picture is a snowplow. how come the country's capital can't clear its streets? is this giant snow a metaphor for a government frozen in its tracks. funny words from ben gellis who compares repu
gwen: democrats and republicans jockey for position in washington, while americans at home grow increasingly disenchanted with the spectacle. we look at the fallout, tonight on "washington week." >> i understand that mcconnell and reed are out doing snow angels on the south lawn together. >> well, not exactly. >> why are we going to talk about it? >> what we need to do is start over. >> bipartisanship remains elusive on the issues of the day, including how to fix health care and how to create jobs. >> we feel that the american people need a message. the message that they need is that we're doing something about jobs. >> but as americans clearly lose patience with their government, some are lining up to capitalize on that discontent. >> how's that cheesy stuff working out for ya? >> while discontent of another type. we look at the week with the reporters covering the stories. dan balls of "the washington post," naftali bendavid of the "wall street journal"journal," janet hook of "the los angeles times," and david sanger of "the new york times." >> live from our nation's capital,
like you. thank you. >> lehrer: there was new evidence today of rising public anger at washington. it comes as the midterm election year begins in earnest. judy woodruff has the story. >> woodruff: the nation's capital was frozen in place for real this week after the second blizzard in only six days. but around the country, growing unhappiness with washington has been heating up for some time. it was illustrated this week in a raft of polls, from "the washington post" and abc news, and "the new york times" partnering with cbs news; and, most recently, today from the pew research center. it found approval ratings for president obama have steadied at 49% after falling for most of last year. ratings for his party kept sliding. just 48% of americans gave democrats a favorable rating, down 14 points from a year ago. but for the first time in years, republicans almost equaled the democrats, at 46% favorable, up six points from a year ago. the president has said people are frustrated at partisan gridlock, and his spokesman, robert gibbs, reinforced the point today. >> look, i can underst
is turning the corner? if your toyota is safe? we'll answer your questions tonight on "washington week." >> never have so many members of the house and senate behaved show well for so long before so many television cameras. gwen: they did behave well. but they did not agree. >> the solution to that is to put that on the shelf and to start over with a blank piece of paper. >> the gaps in my judgment are not that great. gwen: honest differences of opinion or rank partisanship? >> both of us during the campaign promised change in washington. >> let me just make this point, john. because we're not campaigning anymore. the election's over. >> i'm reminded of that every day. gwen: one almost certain casualty, bipartisanship. but is ere room for cross-party cooperation on another key issue? >> the yeas are 70. the nays are 28. gwen: the senate passes a jobs bill. and one of the world's most powerful businessmen receives a congressional scolding. >> if the camry and prius were airplanes, they would be grounded. gwen: trouble at toyota. covering the week, karen tumulty of "time" magazine. john
. good night. >>> snow 40, washington 0. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in snowy washington. leading off tonight, frozen stiff. as you can see behind me we have snow in washington. what's missing from this picture is a snowplow. how come the country's capital can't clear its streets? is this giant snow a metaphor for a government frozen in its tracks? also funny words about republicans from the head of the naacp ben gellis who compares republicans who threaten health care dixie krats of the past. gellis and al sharpton met with president obama today. we'll meet with them here in a moment. >>> when john boehner told president obama he should scrap plans for key efforts like health care. the president shot back you just want to kill all these bills. will tough talk get things done? also it was three years ago barack obama announced for president. in springfield, illinois, and called for changing washington. reducing partisanship and improving america's image around the world. how's it going? that's in the "politics fix" tonight. great topic. finally, the an
hits high gear. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning, washington. it is 6:00 on this tuesday. groundhog day. i am doug mcelway. >> and i am greta kreuz. we have more school closings and delays. we begin in maryland. >> the spring woods elementary school is closed because they have no heat today. we check on traffic and the weather every 10 minutes. adam is in for brian this morning. >> later this evening, that's when we will see the snow starts to move in. it should affect the evening rush hour and then it will be left over for the morning rush hour. crews will be working overnight. let's look at the numbers. it is cold. not as cold as the last couple of mornings. ashburn it is 19. newington checking in at 20 degrees. 28 in the district. woodbridge is at 24. high temperature of 38 today. snow will begin in the early afternoon. closer to sundown. sunset is 5:30 p.m. we will get one to three inches. lowest amount in southern m
representative marshall blackburn and bruce reed, head of the debt -- leadership council. "washington journal" is next. . . . yesterday senator conrad had a hearing where he invited experts on spending and during that made a bit of a speech about the role of congress in dealing with this with the line that history will judge them. here are the phone numbers if you would like to be a part of the discussion about washington and the approach to budgets and deficits. before we get -- we have a couple of things to put into context. you probably heard yesterday that the president's council of economic advisers chairwoman christina rumor released a report about the economy to the president -- christina romer. unemployment likely to stay at near double-digit through the year. we have the continuing jobs problem. but the question on whether or not or how to spend federal money to stimulate jobs is in washington now, and an opinion çpiece in "the wall street journal" rights of this. the obama budget takes publicly held debt --ç growth that of 1% of gdp by 2015. long run growth potential of 2.5% per
country back. the battle cry from the average joe who feels he hasn't had a voice in washington and has finally figured out how to be heard. randi kaye, cnn, nashville. >>> and this evening in nashville, who will be giving the national tea party convention key note address? this woman, sarah palin. you can watch it live on cnn starting 9:00 p.m. eastern in the cnn newsroom. >>> despite the snow, all 20, 30 inches of it, slamming the washington, d.c. area today, aides to president obama say he will stay on schedule. he is expected to speak this morning at the democratic national committee winter committee. according to the chairman, the president will be talking jobs, health care, his vision for the democratic party. you can watch that speech live. we'll bring it to you 10:30 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. ♪ >>> peyton manning versus drew brees, yes, they're going at it on the field tomorrow for the super bowl, but off the field, they're going head to head as well. they are major players in the world of sports marketing. so it's that time, as you know, every saturday for rick horrow,
discuss the book " who is buried in grant's tomb?" "washington journal" is next. mike allen, the chief white house correspondent with politico joins us on the phone this morning. if this story on politico.com -- no high hopes for health care summit. why is that? guest: already the two sides have staked out positions that are very different from each other. democrats seem to be planning to you -- use this as a new deadline to get a deal negotiated so they can go in with a plan pretty well baked and to use this summit coming up after the president's day break as a way to have political cover if they need to go ahead and have an all democratic vote. republicans on the other side are getting ready to use this as an opportunity to really push back against the public -- the president. last night house republican leaders sent a letter to white house chief of staff rahm emanuel asking him several questions, and as you know, questions can be used to make hostile points. among the things that they say are that the government should get -- go back to square one. that they should start with a blan
. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>>n our top stories, tiger woods will break is nearly three-month silence tomorrow when he speaks publicly. it will be his first public appearance since it was alleged he had several extra marital affairs. no word if his wife will attend. >> a big night in vancouver for the americans. lindsevonn won gold. she won in the women's downhill. shani davis won gold and shaun white picks up late snowboarding gold. >> president obama welcomes the dalai lama to the white house. his meeting has infuriated china. the president will then head for las vegas for some fund raisers. the mayor of las vegas has turned down an invitation to meet with president obama after what he calls the president's derogatory comments about the city. >>> those eight missionaries from haiti have now landed back in the united states. they are not in the cleared just yet. linsey davis has the latest on the legal probl
time ago the white house health care summit came to an end in washington. tonight complete reaction to today's events from former alaska governor sarah palin, senator john mccain who attended and many others. first, here's what president barack obama had to say at the beginning of today's meeting. >> the president: i'd like to make sure this discussion is actually a discussion and not just us trading talking points. i hope that this isn't political theater. where we're just playing to the cameras and criticizing each other, but instead are actually trying to solve the problem. >> sean: in the end this was political theater at its finest. some hailed it as a rare moment of transparency in america politics. the only thing that was rare about today's event was president obama gave the republicans a seat at the table. the gop quickly found the so-called summit wasn't a venue where dissent was permitted. look at this exchange between president obama and tennessee senator lamar alexander. >> the president: when you said premiums go up that's not the case according to the congressional bud
, everybody. i'm david shuster live in washington. let's get right to the breaking weather news. here in your nation's capital we're experiencing whiteout conditions and it's been that way now for almost eight hours. this is a live look at the white house, which is more like a chameleon thp afternoon. snow couple lapgs ten inches so far today is not as heavy as what got dumped on d.c. over the weekend but the winds are much stronger. the situation is just as bad in parts of maryland. elaine reyez in rockville, 50 minutes out of d.c. elaine, how is it where you are. can you hear us? all right. well, i can tell you from personal experience that out in rockville, maryland, based on what we've been hearing from the local forecasters here at wrc, they are getting more intense storms in the suburbs, pot om ac, rockville, it's heavier. with snow over the weekend and more today, add in strong winds, just how devastating the highways have been in the greater d.c. area. we're told 17,000 people in washington and baltimore are without power, in large part because some of the trees have been coming down
to all three, this guy ain't having t and the next guest says sees taking himself out of washington because of the big taxes and spending. larry is the director of the university center for politics. we're trying to figure out why would he do this? he's fiscally conservative. was he ticked off at reid with the jobs bill? what do you think? >> well, someone who knows him well told me he's ticked off at reid and that's part of this. beyond that, i think he's disillusioned with the way things are going in congress generally and also after so many years in the senate and prior to that as governor and secretary of state of indiana he's burned out on public service and it's hard to blame him. >> he's a young guy. he has 12 or $13 million in the bank, basically a shoe in to win back the senate seat yet he walks with only a few days left for them to find a candidate on the democratic signed leaves them high and dry. is this more about him wanting to get out of the public service or a shot at the system? >> well, it's a shocker and we'll just have to wait and see what the full story is about
, chicago took the early hit, making this morning's commute there treacherous. in washington, d.c. the streets are desserted and the federal government is still shut down along with school districts. they are looking at getting another 8 to 14 inches and a new concern, the weight of all this snow causing some roofs to collapse. here in the new york area, where snow days are quite rare, the city schools are closed for the second time since 2004. with the east coast take teenager on the chin again for mother nature, we've got blanket coverage of the storm. we have reynolds wolf in washington on the national mall. and rob mars yciano is in centr park. and also jacqui ger is is watching the storm. good morning, jacqui. >> good morning, the difference this time around we'll have a broader wind field so more power outages likely and blizzard conditions expected across the bigger cities. this is a shift of north of who will see the worst of the storm. let's show you the radar. we're focusing along the i-80 corridor where the snowfall rates are coming down 1 to 2 inches per hour. worst
you. >> we're going to go straight to washington, d.c. where we're hearing of a train derailment. brian wilson has more. washington going on? >> if you've been on the metro line, this is the red line at 17th and k, farragut station, a couple blocks from the white house, and we're showing you streaming pictures of what's going on there. apparently there was a 6-car train that derailed underground at farragut north, the front wheels of the car came off but there are 150 to 200 people that need to be removed from that underground situation, from the derailment area, and that is causing a bit of chaos in the downtown washington area right now. traffic has been closed down, metropolitan police department has been moved in to see if they can help out. this comes at a time when metro locally has been under a great deal of fire for safety issues, they've had wrecks, they've had crashes, they've been under a lot of pressure to try to do something to make the place a lot more safe, to make the system work in a more safe fashion. this certainly doesn't help things. but again, underground, n
on "inside washington," the health care summit. was there any meeting of the mines? >> the thing i have heard more than anything is that the american people want us to scrap this bill. >> the health insurance industry is the shark that swims just below the water, and you don't see that until you feel the teeth. >> senators voting the affirmative -- begich, bingaman, brown of massachusetts. >> the new 41st senator votes for the democrats jobs bill. harry reid has a new best friend. and would you buy a new toyota from this man? >> i am deeply sorry for any accident that toyota drivers have experienced. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> was it a serious a draw, or the washington version of "mash"? president obama staged his health care summit across the street from the white house with democrats and republicans. his stated goals not just focus on where they differ, but on where they agree. nina, did the president achieve that goal? >> no, but he did achieve the goal of, i think, showing that republicans really are not interested in negotiating on this bill, an
the end of the political kennedy dynasty in washington. hel hello, everyone. i'm david shuster live in washington. this has been a dramatic day in vancouver even though the competition hasn't started yet. a short time ago a fright think accident during a training run on the luge course. lost control, crashed and went over the wall where he apparently smashed into a pole. the man is undergoing emergency treatment. meanwhile dramo over lindsey vonn. chris jansing in vancouver. chris, what happened on the luge course. >> it was horrifying. people who have been around the luge their whole lives, former medalists saying they have never seen anything like it. he came around turn 16, as i understand it. he hit the wall flying, hit an unpadded pole and almost immediately emergency personnel on the scene. they brought in a helicopter and airlifted him out to the hospital. we are waiting for definitive word on his condition. clearly this was a very serious crash. it's in part of larger context of questions raised about luge and bobsled tracks here. they are clearly the fastest in the world. e
moved away from the president over the last four months it is over health care, wasteful washington spending, deficit and debt. first group, voters 50 to 64. these are people who didn't vote for barack obama, they voted against the republicans. they wanted to send a message to washington in 2008. they've been hard with the unemployment. voters in ohio, indiana, michigan, so-called bread basket, heartland of the country. many have statewide races one of the reasons why evan bayh decided not to run because he faces pressure in washington every time he voted with the democrats the people home in indiana angry. every time he voted for his constituents the democrats in washington got angry. right now obama does not seem to be in the mainstream for voters 50 to 64. the others are independents, people who reject the republican and democratic parties also voted for change in 2006 and 2008. now it looks like they are drifting back to the republican party because the democrats didn't give them the change they voted for. >> sean: publicly, joe biden and nancy pelosi have tan a different postur
on "nbc nightly news." thank you, richard. >>> democrats in washington feeling the equivalent of a political earthquake here after evan bayh's surprise resignation, hoping that new congressional math will give them a shot at regaining the senate. kelly o'donnell is here with us now and nbc political director and co-host of "the daily rundown," white house correspondent chuck todd. kelly, first to you. you know the senate better than anybody. this is such a big deal because of who evan bayh is. >> that personal scrapbook makes such a difference. his father, birch bayh was a senator, there wasn't twitter, there wasn't blogs, the kind of intense short news cycle we have now. so from his perspective, he describes it as being a very different place, not that there weren't partisan feelings back then but it's much more intensified now. having been a former governor, evan bayh liked being an executive. didn't enjoy the legislative work. he has been put in tough votes a centerist democrat where they couldn't say he could count on his vote in every instance. it is a big shakeup especia
, that they won't send the leader, the world leader, to washington? >> right. well, chuck, i think there's a little bit of that and also a little bit of lost in translation. after this press conference early this morning in japan, toyoda was asked several time, are you going to washington. he said, i'm not going. i think we're better served as having the u.s. side for toyota, having him testify, he's more closely aligned in terms of what's happening in terms of the safety issues. later on in his press conference, he clarified that and said, listen, if i am requested i may taensd and answer questions. my sense is, chuck, if members of congress really push the issue, and they say, we want to hear from you, mr. toyoda. if you're come to get united states in the next couple of weeks, we want to hear from you. my sense is that he will likely show up but we'll also have anaba with him, and in terms of what did toyota do, when it knew it, how quick will it did react. those questions will be answered by mr. anaba. >> it seems as if they have all of these american jobs. they're acting as if they'
of the american conservative union. he will be with us from a hotel ballroom in washington as the 35th annual cpac, conservative political action conference, gets all the way. we will have cameras there the next couple of days. later on, thomas frank, columnist for "the wall street journal." he will be attending the conference. he writes a lot about the conservative movement in the united states and he doesn't from a liberal perspective. he is our guest later on as we discussed the mood of the country. that is our topic this morning. we will peg off from a column in "the new york times." is the country in the need of a pep talk or something more fundamental? call us and let us know -- good thursday morning to you. çthe column that caught our attention is written by robert schuller, a noted economist based at yale university and co- founder and chief economist at macro markets and co-author of the case schiller index -- case- shiller index. he writes that -- we want to hear if you agree with him. while we are waiting, jonathan weisman is on the phone with us. "the wall street journal" white house
. governor sarah palin tells the tea party convention in nashville that washington needs to press the reset button on health care. the speech was attended by hundreds who paid more than $300 and more than 200 journalists cover the speech. we will begin with sarah palin's comments last night. was your reaction. here is the phone lines -- sarah palin was in nashville last night to give the keynote address for the tea party convention. here is a little of what she had to say. >> the future of the tea party movement. you see this movement becoming part of the republican party or is it a third independent party? >> the republican party would be smart to try to absorb as much of the tea party movement as possible. this is the future of our country. each department is the future of politics. this is a beautiful movement because it is shaping the way politics are conducted. we have both party machines running scared because they are not knowing what we will do if we do not have tea party support. >> joining us on the phone this morning is liz sidoti, the chief national political writer for the asso
, what's this plan to return another hastert to washington. >>> but first, today's washington speak. >> if we are able to bend the cost curve. >> this legislation will bend the cost curve. >> oh, bend the cost curve. >> didn't peter orszag invent this phrase? >> we think he did. washington speak, all they mean is lower costs over time. but they like to say "bend the cost curve." >> slowing the rate of growth and all this. learn about it, because it's how they do the budgeting. this is "the daily rundown," only on msnbc. somewhere in america... the slightest breeze harbors immense power. the tallest buildings leave the lightest footprints. a fifty-ton train makes barely a mark on the environment. and a country facing climate change finds climate solutions. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. trying to be good to your heart? so is campbell's healthy request soup. low in fat and cholesterol, heart healthy levels of sodium, and taste you'll love. gu
support and what our boats -- and they want our votes. we hope to show washington and north carolina that we are still around and we are coming for the north carolina general assembly this time. [applause] >> the next question for all three panelists in no particular order, should the tea party move indoors specific and that customer -- a move that endorse -- movement in doors specific templates? as i said before, you win elections by endorsing something and promoting them and their candidacy. my perspective is that the tea party movement needs to support and endorse candidates to win. otherwise, you will be represented by somebody do not support. if you simply want to agitate, have at it, but that is not how you get people elected. you still have to vote. you need to know about your elected official. in that context, i am very committed to endorsing candidates as an individual. [applause] >> i will agree on one wall. we can go and educate people by having the debate, but if you are going to stay true, you can't lose your focus. if you cannot take your initiative to do your own resea
to fail. china, meanwhile, is right to tamp down speculation. as one pupd it put it to me, washington may be writing the stock market letter. right now, scott brown grid lock on health care, and this so-called jobs bill is a good thing. that's right. grid lock right now is a good thing. we're still waiting for real stimulus from supply sales tax cuts. meanwhile, the white house is predicting 10% unemployment and 9% next year. government spending has done next to nothing. bernanke still has no real strategy. we're going to get to all of that with our market panel. who joins us now to talk about these many events of the week. we have peter morici of university of maryland. dan fitzpatrick and john carney returns. you know, dr. frolick, i want to begin with you. not greece, not the euro, not the snows, nothing really week.d stocks from going up the market has peaked in mid january and hasn't moved much in many months. but the fact remains, things may not be so bad. weigh in. >> i think it comes down to earnings, larry. we got some great efshgs. across the board, time warner, ann taylor, a lo
republicans have denounced democratic legislation in washington for political effect and then admitted in their home districts that that legislation works. it shows not only that democratic policies work and when push comes to shove in their home districts republicans know it. it also shows that republicans care so little about policy that they're okay with holding totally nonsensically contradictory positions on important stuff. dozens of congressional republicans who have praised, say, the stimulus at home while denouncing it in washington seem to be unembarrassed about how two-faced and incoherent it is to have those two positions simultaneously. at least they have seemed to be unembarrassed. tonight i'm pleased to report we have early signs of embarrassment. among those snared in the stimulus hypocrisy web james "mountain" inhofe of oklahoma. last week we noted he proudly attacked the stimulus over the course of the past year but was caught touting stimulus spending in his state as, quote, great news. in light of that reporting senator inhofe has gone for help to a conservative med
are the things that still need to be done. they've been put off by washington for too long. and this is where change gets hard. change is easy if you're just talking about tinkering around the edges. change is harder when you actually dig in and try to deal with the structural problems that have impeded our progress for too long. this is where we run head long into the lobbyists and the special interests and the bitterness and misinformation that characterizes so much of our politics. which means that some of you may be feeling discouraged because it feels like things are taking longer than you might have expected. well, don't be discouraged. i'm not discouraged. i knew this was going to take a long time, but i knew the fight was worth it. and we've got to keep up on this fight. this forces the status quo. they may not give an inch, but i don't give an inch either and you shouldn't give an inch either. we're not -- we didn't come this far to put things off or to play it safe or to take the easy road. >> joining us now is eugene robinson, pulitzer prize winning columnist and an associate edito
disagreement between us. does washington know best about the coverage people should have? or should people have that choice themselves? pay a little less, get a little coverage or pay a little more and get a little more coverage. >> any time the question is raised as to does washington know better, i think we're tipping the scales a little bit there, since we know that everybody is angry at washington right now. i think that -- so, it's a good way of framing -- it's a good talking point, but it doesn't actually answer the underlying question, which is do we want to make sure that people have a baseline of protection. and this topic of the insured market reforms is, i think, a good additional example of what may be philosophical differences but what we may have in common. rather than go through the problem, because i think everybody understands out there people with pre-existing conditions not being able to get insuran insurance, people coming up with -- bumping up against lifetime caps and suddenly thinking as a family i met in colorado, they thought their child was covered. suddenly, they hit
but says there needs to be change in washington because all the change has clearly not been working. republicans now see huge opportunities for gains. the former senator from indiana, in fact the guy that evan bayh beat almost 12 years ago is dan coat, mr. coats, former u.s. senator, has also said he has come up with the necessary 4500 petitions, so that he will be on the ballot himself. he is a big name, well-known, well-heeled republican potential candidate, so that has republicans thinking it will pick up in indiana, but there are a lot of other states where they're running strong for pickups, arkansas, colorado, delaware, illinois, barack obama's seat, delaware used to be joe biden's seat, nevada, where harry reid is vulnerable, north dakota and pen and as you said, barbara boxer in california is a potential pickup for republicans, they're looking at states like new york where kristen gillebrand is considered vulnerable, oregon, washington, even wisconsin, all of these possible victories for republicans. they need ten seats to take back the majority. they're looking at eight str
>> glenn: cpac is happening in washington, d.c. tomorrow night, i'm there to close it i'm the keynote speaker. you will see it at 6:00 live on fox. from new york, good night, america. >> bret: next on "special report." we have another report about rules for american marines in afghanistan that make fighting and winning tougher and more dangerous. momentum builds for new sanctions against iran on the heels of new worries about its nuclear program. conservatives give an early indication of presidential preferences two and a half years before the next election. and tiger woods says he is sorry and chives the media for its coverage of his marriage and his affairs. all that plus the fox all stars and the friday lightning round right here, right now. ♪ >> bret: from washington. i'm bret baire. this is a fox news alert. the justice department will not pursue disciplinary action against the government lawyers who wrote memos authorizing the use of enhanced interrogation techniques during the bush administration. a two-year investigation into actions of jay and john hugh and st
that's been on the job 40 days. >> i'm andrea mitchell in washington. ray lahood will be with us shortly. the president is speaking to the business roundtable. >>> late latest economic report today, new home sales hit basement in january. >>> a day ahead of the big white house health care summit. outrage, congress investigates. we will be talking with senator dianne feinstein who is leading the charge against the sky high rocketing premiums. orrin hatches who message to the president on health care is start over. >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. and the president is speaking to the business roundtable. let's go right to his speech. >> in which a continued erosion of america's manufacturing base hollowed out many communities around the country and put too many good jobs out of reach. no wonder then that people are frustrated. they are frustrated with government and they are frustrated with businesses. they are angry at a financial sector that took exorbitant risks by some and pursue of short-terp profits and they are angry at a government that failed to kapp catch
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